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Sir Fix Alot Houston, TX - Handyman Home Repair Tips


Gutter and downspout cleaning is often overlooked but should be a very important part of your regular home maintenance. Maintenance should be performed on your gutters at least once if not twice a year; in the spring and again in the fall. To cut down on the amount of debris that gets trapped in your gutters, make sure that trees and tall bushes are not touching or hanging over the house. Houses that have large trees surrounding it should have their gutters cleaned more often so that the extra leaves, debris and dirt build up can be removed. Doing this can save the integrity of your home and prevent the need for costly repairs. Most people never realize they have a problem with their gutters until it is too late.


During heavy rains, gallons of water flow off the average roof area.  Gutters and downspouts are key elements in protecting your property.  Gutters mainly to catch water from the roof and keep it away from the home’s foundation. The downspouts assist in preventing water from pooling around your house and then seeping into the foundation. Dirt clogged gutters or misplaced downspouts are the big common problems. Not having any gutters installed, being installed improperly or they are blocked and overflowing, there are various types of costly damage that can be a result. Dirty or missing gutters can cost you cracked foundations, leaky roofs, water damaged rotted wood, potential fires, ceiling & wall leaks, hazardous mold growth, sagging driveways, collapsed gutters, destroyed landscaping, termites, or other insect and rodent infestations.


  1. Foundation - The falling water can quickly erode the soil at the base of the external walls. Moisture in a structure's foundation leads to exterior cracks in the brick and mortar. This water can eventually undermine the foundation which can lead to huge structural problems.

  2. Collapsed Gutters - Blocked gutters retain too much water and become heavy; the weight can cause the gutter to become detached from the fascia and possibly damage the home's siding and roofing. Plugged downspouts allow hundreds of pounds of water to build up in your gutters which can easily cause them to fall onto anything underneath!

  3. Fires - In hot climates like we have in Houston, TX, large amounts of dry leaves left in gutters can create a fire hazard. It is very important to have gutters cleaned before warmer summer months because debris builds up in the gutters during winter, then dries out in the hot sun in summer and may catch on fire. It can also can cause electrical fires or shock if water backs up into the ceiling space and roof eaves.

  4. Leaky Roofs, Ceilings & Walls –During spring months, leaves may have fallen on your rooftop because of storms and strong winds. Trees around your house may bear flowers and fruits along with dead twigs. Also, birds may build or leave behind their nests and waste on your roof. If your gutters are already full of leaves and debris, this begins to build up on the roof which eventually will start to gather water or moisture which in turn breaks down the shingles on your roof. This can cause unexpected leaks that can ruin the interior of your home.

  5. Hazardous Mold - When moisture seeps into a house it also encourages the growth of mold, which can seriously affect your health like allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Once the problem begins, it is a difficult one to combat. It spreads quickly and can begin to destroy the surfaces it resides on. Another nasty side effect of a mold problem is the musty smell this substance produces.

  6. Landscaping - Gutters and spouts filled with water can damage and ruin landscaping by leaking over the plants in a garden. Too much water to the plants cuts off oxygen from them and causes them to die. The excess water also causes diseases in plants such as Crown Rot, Root Rot and damping off.

  7. Water Damaged Wood - Clogged gutters can cause leaking. When the water leaks from the gutter it can damage the paint and rot the siding, fascia & window sills that exists around your house; brick and vinyl siding may start to rust. Gutters also protect the underneath side of your roof from getting water in there and doing more damage.

  8. Termites – Roof beams, timbers and wood wall studs can get wet in the cavity of your walls which can attract termites and carpenter ants. Termites are looking for wet places to build colonies. Clogged gutters are the perfect environment for them to get a foot-hold to your home so that they can begin the process of destruction.

  9. Insects and Pests - Standing water in gutters not only causes damage to the structure of the home, it can also attract bugs and other pests. It can provide a good nesting ground and food source for unwanted pests. Because most insects thrive on moisture and humidity, unclean gutters full of water are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can pose a health hazard to both people and animals because they are carriers of several unwanted diseases.

Sir Fix Alot can cut down on the amount of debris in your gutters by installing gutter guards.  Gutter guards can assist in minimizing how much gutter cleaning will be necessary in the future. There are many types of gutter guards, but they are all designed to prevent leaves and large pieces of debris from building up in the downspouts and gutters so that rainwater can flow freely. Gutter guards also prevent birds and rodents from building nests in the gutters while still allowing the sun and water through. Although, installing guards can prevent a lot of issues, unfortunately, cleaning cannot be avoided. Even with this system in place, annual maintenance will still be necessary.


Don’t wait for your drains to overflow; it’s best to check downspouts during a rainstorm.  If your downspouts don't seem to be flowing well, it's probably time to get Sir Fix Alot to clean your gutters and schedule regular maintenance. This will keep the system clean and keep it running smoothly.

Should you pay around $100* for gutter cleaning and repair today or hundreds maybe thousands of dollars when your gutter issues become a total house problem?


Sir Fix Alot cleans, maintains, repairs & installs gutters for homes and businesses in and around Houston, TX.  If you are having issues with your gutters and downspouts such as leaking, clogging, missing, improperly installed, rust, sagging or joints separating, Sir Fix Alot will be able to correct whatever the issue is. Call us today at 832- 387-7338 for Sir Fix Alot’s professional handyman services to assist you with your gutters and your other list of home repairs.  To see what other property repair services Sir Fix Alot can provide for your home and business in Houston, TX go to


Our services are available to residents of Bellaire, River Oaks, Stafford, Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Houston, TX.


 *based on size of project

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