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The bathroom is the most essential and most used room in the house. Going in the bathroom is a part of every individual’s daily routine. People don’t realize the importance of bathrooms until they really need to use it. Since your bathroom is a highly trafficked area, it is important to make sure every aspect of the bathroom stays working properly. Many things can go wrong in a bathroom from leaky pipes and faucets to clogged drains. If you address small issues before they turn into large ones, many bathroom repair emergencies can be prevented. Unfortunately, after a while things need to be replaced. If the same issues constantly need repair, then it might be time to consider an update.  In the long run, not only will this save you money, but it can also be a chance to upgrade some of the outdated features in your bathroom for more modern, efficient ones. Even though an outdated bathroom is technically still functional, it can be just as unappealing as one that is in a state of disrepair. The appearance and atmosphere of your bathroom is just as important as its function. A complete bathroom remodel can get very expensive but updating a bathroom doesn’t always require a total overhaul.

Sir Fix Alot

Plumbing Leaks



Ceiling Drywall / Sheetrock

Wall Drywall / Sheetrock

Ceiling Texture

Wall Texture


Trim / Molding




Door Knobs


Mount / Hang

  • safety rails / grab bar

  • towel / washcloth bars

  • shelves
  • mirrors
  • pictures






Caulking & Grouting




Bathroom Fixtures

  • faucets​

  • tub spouts

  • shower heads

  • shower knobs

  • shower poles

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Exhaust Fan


​Custom Carpentry

Sir Fix Alot can update your fixtures, hardware and add creative wall, window, and mirror treatments that can add character and style. Fortunately, there are several small projects that Sir Fix Alot can complete that will give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.


Sir Fix Alot can transform your bathroom into a totally different space simply by replacing an old, outdated vanity with an array of sink styles, materials and colors. A new sink or vanity can greatly enhance the storage, functionality and look of any bathroom. 


New light fixtures can add a touch of illuminating ambiance to a bathroom. Sir Fix Alot can update the existing fixtures or add a few new decorative sconces to complement your faucets and hardware. Try to select fixtures with LED lights to save energy and lower your utility bills.


Sir Fix Alot can give your bathroom a whole new look by replacing your old flooring with tiles or other materials available. Just remember when choosing your flooring, that the bathroom is an occasionally damp and heavily trafficked area. Look for a material that is durable, water-resistant and slip-resistant.


The small details say big things about your bathroom style. Updating all your hardware and accessories to brushed nickel or bronze can create a new decorative touch. Sir Fix Alot can change your knobs and pulls to match your faucet, lighting fixtures and door hardware. We can also coordinate your towel bars, hooks and toilet paper holders in the same finish. 


Sir Fix Alot can change your old leaky fixtures for new ones. The most common leaks and reasons for high water bills are due to dripping faucets and shower heads.  10% of US homes waste over 90 gallons a day just from these small fixtures. More modern fixtures use 50% less water. There are many styles that are unique and modern as well as functional. You depend on these fixtures every it is important to choose quality fixtures that are made to last. From faucets to shower heads, we can quickly create a refreshed look and bring new life to your bathroom.


Daily activities like showering cause excess moisture and humidity in your home so sufficient bathroom ventilation is essential. Bathroom exhaust fans are very important because excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, compromised air quality, extra strain on your cooling equipment and higher energy bills. Sir Fix Alot can install a newer model that is fashionable as well as functional. Updated fans operate a lot quieter as well as having an assortment of decorative features to complement any lighting style.


The quickest way to make a room look new again is to add a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to select a paint that can stand up to moist conditions. Color is the key to any room’s personality. Sir Fix Alot can install tiles that can add a pop of color on an accent or shower wall as well as protecting the wall from moisture damage. Once you've settled on your choice of tile, a backsplash is a quick job that can be easily be incorporated into your design. A decorative backsplash can add fresh appeal to an outdated bathroom. Lastly, a fresh coat of paint can be added to the molding to brighten up your trim and door entrance. 

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